Drone Program at Thomas Nelson Community College

Student interns learned the intricacies of flying UAVs(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) as part of Thomas Nelson Community College’s Drone Program. The course, UMS 111 – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), is a custom course to prepare the students and faculty for a four-week internship in partnership with Virginia Tech. The co-leads on the hands-on training sessions are: Cherie Aukland ( Thomas Nelson Community College and Co-PI on the project), Daniel Cross (Virginia Tech), the adjunct faculty teacher for the course. Other faculty also working on the course are David Webb and Shawn Shields Lyons.

TNCC is also offering UMS 107 online with an optional Zoom session on Mondays from 4 – 5:30 pm. These Zoom sessions are recorded for students who cannot attend. The session runs from May 9th – July 1st.

The class has a 100% pass rate on the FAA Part 107 Exam.