Students at poster

Laurel Ridge Community College Students Attend NASA/West Virginia Space Grant Hack Week Program

Students from Laurel Ridge Community College were sponsored by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) are attending a NASA/West Virginia Space Grant Hack Week Program this week at West Virginia University. The students and their faculty advisor, Melissa Stange worked on Fault Diagnosis for Safety-Critical Autonomous Systems. The educational and training activities introduced the participants …

Virginia Scholarships and Fellowships

VSGC Scholarships and Fellowships, 2019-2020

Interested in research topics that win STEM scholarships? The 2019-2020 VSGC Scholarship and Fellowship awardees and research titles have been posted to the website. There were seventy-four awardees; 33 graduate, 11 undergraduate, 25 STEM Bridge and five community college students.