What is GeoTEd-UAS?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) represents a new data collection tool, that can add tremendous value to industry and decision making. Many existing employment sectors have an immediate need for Operations Technicians to take advantage of UAS operations capabilitites.


The Geospatial Technician Education — Unmanned Aircraft Systems (GeoTEd-UAS) project team includes the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC), Thomas Nelson Community College, Mountain Empire Community College, Virginia Tech, and the Virginia Community College System (VCCS).


Administered by the VSGC, the GeoTEd-UAS team was awarded a project grant by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE) program.


GeoTEd-UAS will prepare students for success as small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) operations technicians (sUASOT). Small UASOT duties typically include planning and flying sUAS missions, maintaining sUAS, and processing geospatial data to analyze and solve problems.

The @AFResearchLab Center for Rapid Innovation recently successfully completed initial flight tests for the Ultra Long Endurance Aircraft Platform. Read more about the flight tests here: http://ow.ly/ekg550xzQed

To build machines capable of plunging into the frozen oceans on Europa and Enceladus, @NASA tested out submersibles in one of Earth's most inhospitable environments. http://ow.ly/bXL050xzEES

An #unmannedaerialvehicle has been added to the Miami County Sheriff's Office as the newest piece of technology that could help make the difference between locating a lost person or suspect on the run. http://ow.ly/cHXK50xzDV7

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  • Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC) recently completed a DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) panel to establish a DACUM chart for an Unmanned Systems (

  • In 2020, Veronica Spradlin, Kevin Hamed, Tamara Lasley and.Peter Berquist will all be involved in furthering sUAS education activities.

  • GEOTREK-12 hosted a 3-day GIS Online and drone development workshop for about 10 Hampton City high school teachers who learned how integrate GST and U