Frequently Asked Questions

What are the science pre-requisites for this course?

While having Earth Science would be beneficial for your understanding of some course content and completion of scenario-based problems, it is not a requirement.


How much time will I be spending each week on the course?

This answer truly depends on how much time you want to invest in the course. On average, past participants reported spending an average of 12 hours on the assignments that are contained within each course module. Think of these modules like units of study. Module assignments are due every two weeks by Sunday night at 11:55 PM (EST). The more you want to read and explore links and resources provided within the course as a supplement to the basic course content, the more time you will spend on the course every two weeks.


Can I get high school credit for my participation in the course?

This truly depends on the decision of your school/division. In the summer, after grades are submitted, we send grade confirmation to your schools. We work directly with your schools, once they contact us, on helping you to receive high school credit. But receiving college credit is more beneficial to your future college career as it shows commitment to a path of study as a high school student.


This Geology 195 course falls under the guidelines of Virginia as an Earth Science Level II course. According to the State of Virginia, if a student has not taken Earth Science Level 1, the student will have to take the Earth Science End of Course SOL. The information provided throughout the modules in the VESSS course will more than adequately prepare the student for this End of Course SOL for Earth Science. Unless the student needs this credit for graduation, the results of the SOL score will have no bearing on academic ranking or graduation.


Can I receive college credit for this course?

Yes, upon successful completion of the VESSS online course, you can receive four college credits in Topics GOL 195 from Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC). It is up to the college that you attend as to whether they want to accept the credits. If you attend the Summer Academy and successfully complete the course, you will receive one college Independent Study credit in Topics GOL 199 Independent Research from TNCC.  Students are not required to take VESSS for college credit to participate in the VESSS experience.


What is the online teacher to student ratio?

There are approximately 30-35 students assigned to each Master Teacher’s group for the online course.


What software should I use to submit my assignments?

Students chosen for the program will be provided a log-in to the VESSS Online Course “Moodle” site. Through this system, students will have access to the lesson material and can submit assignments in the file formats requested in each specific assignment.


The following formats are required for various assignments throughout the Online Course:

Microsoft Word document (*.doc or *.docx), Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (*.xls or *.xlsx), JPEG Image (*.jpg or *.jpeg). Submissions in Adobe PDF file format are required in place of Documents or Images, but not for spreadsheets.


How long will it take to receive feedback and grades once my work is submitted?

Master Teachers are required to provide feedback and evaluation within 7 days of the assignments being submitted. Note – if you submit work late, please do not expect that you will have the work graded within one week.  Students are responsible to notify their teachers when late work has been submitted.


Is late work accepted, or can I resubmit assignments?

Late work is accepted with a grade penalty. The course requirements and syllabus detail the amount of points deducted per day. Caution: if you are more than two modules behind (that is one month!), those late assignments will not be accepted and you will receive “zeroes.”


For instance, if Module 7 assignments are due on a Saturday and you’ve only submitted assignments for Modules 1 through 3, then you MAY NOT submit module 4 assignments. However, you can still submit Modules 5 and 6 along with Module 7 assignments by the same Sunday.


Past a certain point, the number of points deducted for the assignment for each day late would result in a negative grade!


You may resubmit assignments based upon the feedback you are given by the Master Teacher. You must communicate with your Master Teacher to agree on a date by which you will resubmit the assignment. After that date, if you have not resubmitted, then you will receive the original grade. If you did resubmit, the two grades will be averaged together for your final grade on the assignment. Grades will not be replaced.


When are my online assignments due?

Assignments should be turned in (in sequential order) as you complete them. Assignments within each module are due every two weeks by the designated Sunday by 11:55 PM (EST). The first module is due December 29, 2019. The module due dates are under Important Dates. Students who do not successfully complete all assignments will not be invited to participate in the Summer Academy. Your assignments and final project will be graded by Master Teachers who will send you their evaluation and comments via e-mail through the content management system, Moodle.


What is the withdraw/drop policy for the VESSS course?- – Dual Enrollment Drop Dates


January 13, 2020, is the Dual Enrollment Drop Date. After this date, you will receive an “F” on your transcript.


You may request to be dropped from the course by contacting Joyce Corriere in writing ( You will be withdrawn from the course if you have not submitted work for 3 consecutive modules and/or you have not logged in to the website in over 30 days, unless you have prior approval from the VESSS Program Manager and the online Master Teacher.


By the drop date, if your work is not current, you will be dropped from the credit-earning portion of the course. You can continue in the course without credit and will still be considered for selection to the Summer Academy.