General Information

When are my on-line assignments due?

Assignments should be turned in (in sequential order) as you complete them. One module of assignments will be due every two weeks. The first module is due Saturday December 28, 2019 at 11:55PM. The module due dates are listed under Important Dates.


Students who do not successfully complete all assignments will not be invited to participate in the Summer Academy.

Acceptance to the summer academy is not guaranteed, but is based on course performance. This includes the completion of all required assignments and quizzes. No zeroes can be earned. Student assignments and final project will be graded by teachers who will send you their comments via the Moodle online course system, which will forward to your email address.


When do I need to withdraw from the course so that I do not receive a “Withdraw/Fail” (WF) or a “Fail” (F) from Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC)?

The VASTS/TNCC withdraw date is January 13, 2020. You must give Ian Cawthray ( notice in writing before January 13, 2020.


Is there a cost associated with the online course or the Summer Academy?

No. We receive funding that provides the entire VASTS experience to you free of cost! We even pay for your college credits from Thomas Nelson Community College. VASTS provides your housing, food, and transportation at the Academy.


How are students selected for the summer program?

Each of the eight modules and final project will be graded using the rubrics at the end of each module. Students are selected for the Summer Academy program based on completion of modules, quality of work and timeliness. This is an very competitive, proprietary process performed by a committee of VASTS program staff.


Where will I stay during the summer program?

(Summer Academy only) You will be housed two to a room (same sex) at a local college dormitory or hotel. All meals will be provided, and you will be chaperoned at all times.



What if I have a medical condition that requires I take medicine during the day?

(Summer Academy only) Please bring your medication with you during the day and please let us know about your requirement on your Medical Release Form that will be sent to you if you are accepted into the Summer Academy. If you have medicine that needs refrigeration and you must take it during the day, we can make arrangements as long as we know ahead of time.