Examples of Previous Research Opportunities:

Tool Development for Post-processing Software License Data Project Overview Dashboard Development Using PowerBI

UAS Prototype Building and Flight Testing

Fabrication Support

Flight Dynamics Simulation and Training Development

Continuous Integration/Continuous Distribution System Development (CI/CD) for Entry Descent and Landing

Management and Automation of Flight Data

Knowledge-based Digital Platform (KbDP) for Urban Air Mobility Subproject

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Facility Support

Contamination Control Test Facility Support

Systems Modeling (SysML) for Aviation Support in a Wildland Firefighting Demonstration

Investigations of Machine Learning for Measurement Science Data Reduction

Stratford Nozzle Performance

Development of polymer electrolytes for high-performance energy storage technologies

HiCAM (Hi-Rate Composite Aircraft Manufacturing)

Composite morphology analysis

Printing and designing of frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) and lens for antennas

Simulation Data Analysis

Formal Modeling and Analysis of Data Science and Machine Learning Toolkits

Sustainability Program Support

Wallops NEST/WCS Desktop Support Group

Environmental Engineer Technician

Air Quality Program Technical Support

Balloon Research & Development Lab (BRDL)