NASA Research Experiences

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Virginia Space Grant Consortium is partnering with NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton and NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore to provide hands-on research experience opportunities for at least 25 Virginia Community College students during the summer 2021.


These paid opportunities will be identified by both NASA Centers with current Center missions and projects that are at a point which would maximize hands-on engagement of the students at project critical stages, while inspiring students, teaching them the nature of project work, communications and teamwork, and providing strong exposure to a wide range of technical and scientific career paths.


Application packages are due March 1, 2021.


Student researchers will work with NASA research advisors on the designated research project over the course of a 10 week, 40-hour- per-week, summer research experience. Students will receive a $5,000 stipend. For Wallops applicants, please note the nearest medical facility is 45 minutes to one hour away.


Wallops applicants should plan to bring a vehicle if selected.


NOTE: Students are responsible for housing and transportation. Possible housing suggestions may be provided upon request.


Important: All selected applicants will have a security background check.


Eligibility Requirements

  • US Citizenship
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Attend a Virginia Community College
  • Must be a sophomore not graduating prior to May 2021.
  • Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during spring 2021.
  • Be a STEM major (exclusive of applied health and business)
  • Students pursuing a STEM technician track are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale with references and activities demonstrating strong interest in STEM


VSGC is interested in supporting and assisting students in completing degrees in STEM. If you are interested in these opportunities and have a specific or unique situation, please contact us to discuss your eligibility.


All eligible students, including underrepresented groups and females, are encouraged to apply.



Summer 2021 Application Due: MARCH 1, 2021
Electronic Recommendations Due: MARCH 5, 2021
Selection Notification Deadline: On or about Late-April, 2021



Debbie Murray, Program Manager, Virginia Space Grant Consortium;; 757-766-5210 or Nicole Shaw, Program Coordinator,

Program Goals

● To foster enhanced community college retention in STEM academic tracks through graduation or transfer to a four-year institution.

● To strengthen VSGC’s relationships with and build NASA linkages with/for Virginia’s community colleges.


Supporting objectives are to nurture diversity; to pipeline STEM students to their next academic and workplace steps; and to foster STEM career awareness and workplace skills.


to STEM Takes Flight

at Virginia’s Community


2021 Program Deadlines

February 15, 2021: Summer Application Due

February 22, 2021: Electronic Recommendations Due

Late-April, 2021: Selection Notifications

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