qPathways Flight Academies


Provide opportunities to high school students to participate in immersive ground school and flight training through the solo experience as a step in addressing the critical pilot shortage.

Expose students to the requirements of an aviation career as a commercial pilot.

Point students to next step opportunities for achieving their private pilot’s license.


  1. Explore the field of aviation as a potential commercial pilot career.
  2. Attain a FAA Student Pilot Certificate.
  3. Complete requirements for FAA Solo Flight, including a Pre-Solo Knowledge Test.
  4. Complete introductory assignments to begin to prepare for the FAA Knowledge Exam, which students undertake as a post academy experience.
  5. Outline the path and requirements to taking the FAA Knowledge Exam.
  6. Participate in the Introductory Ground School Training program. Apply knowledge towards FAA Solo Flight Requirements and ultimately to the FAA Knowledge Exam post academy.
  7. Outline and Identify next steps for those interested in a private pilot’s license and/or those who would like to pursue a degree in Aviation.



  1. Student completes first solo flight.
  2. Student completes an assisted solo flight.
  3. Student completes 10 hours of flight training.