Example Schedule (Weekly and Daily)

Example Weekly Schedule (Subject to change based on host institution requirements)

Day 1: Ground School (Aerodynamics, Weight & Balance, Checklist Usage)

Day 2: Ground School (Weather, Systems, Preflight Activity, Simulator Lesson 1)

Day 3: Ground School/Flight 1 (Maneuvers, Emergencies)

Day 4: Simulator Lesson/Flight 2/Pattern Work Lesson

Day 5: Simulator Lesson/Flight 3/Additional Ground Lesson (Preparation for Pre-Solo Knowledge Test)

Day 6: Flight 4/Pre-Solo Knowledge Test

Day 7- Flight 5/6

Day 8- Flight 7 (Possible Solo)

Day 9- Flight 8 (Possible Solo)

Day 10- Flight 9 (Possible Solo )/Graduation


Example Daily Schedule (Subject to change based on host institution requirements)

0700-0745: Breakfast

0745-0800: Travel to Airport

0800-1200: Flight/Simulator/Ground Activity

1200-1300: Lunch

1300-1715: Flight/Simulator/Ground Activity

1715-1730: Travel to Main Campus

1730-1830: Dinner

1830-2030: Evening Activity

2030-2130: Study time

2130-2230: Free time

2230: Curfew

Evening Activities

  • UAS Introduction, Aviation Maintenance Introduction, Tower Tour, On-Campus Events