Service Learning

An increasingly larger part of the GeoTEd-UAS mission includes service learning projects. These projects include activities that create a balance between service outcomes and learning goals. Service-learning has been defined as a pedagogy that integrates academics, relevant services, and critical assessment in a reciprocal partnership among faculty, students, and partner organizations, resulting in enhanced understanding increased self-improvement learning goals *(Bringle and Clayton, 2012).

Select the projects below for more information and access to resources and data from the service learning projects.

The Nature Conservancy: 

        Brownsville Preserve

        Box Tree Farm

        Oyster, Va.

Braehead Farms / Germanna Community College

Lane Stadium

NASA Wallops

*Bringle, R. G., and Clayton, P. H. (2012). Civic Education Through Service-Learning: What, How, and Why? In: L. McIlrath, A. Lyons and  R. Munck (Eds.), Higher Education and Civic Engagement: Comparative Perspectives (pp. 101–124). New York, NY: Palgrave..