Braehead Farm / Germanna Community College Service Learning Project

Location: Braehead Farm, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Partners: Germanna Community College

Dates: September 6, 2018

This service-learning effort was led by GeoTEd-UAS faculty cohort member, Dr. Shawn Shields-Maxwell, of Germanna Community College (GCC), and the GeoTEd-UAS team to support the image and mapping needs of Braehead Farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The goal was to provide imagery for the properties surrounding Braehead Farm to determine the potential for the creation of a nature path and wildlife area. Maury Wrightson, GCC Assistant Professor and a GeoTEd-UAS faculty cohort member, brought her entire geology course students to support the missions.

The property has been farmed for 400 years, and GCC adjunct faculty Harvey Gold and his colleagues are interested in determining what, if any, original land features are still present, along with native trees and other vegetation.

They are also interested in determining what natural features could be restored before the property is developed. Currently, the property is on the market as an industrial site. Given the close proximity of Braehead Farm to the site, purchasing the property and turning it into a nature trail would add to the pastoral feel of the area and preserve its beauty.


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