Research Topic Areas




Research Topic Areas

Appropriate topics may be drawn from a wide range of subjects of interest to the U.S. public sector aviation community.  Other possibilities are topics included in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Research Needs Database, suggestions proposed by TRB Standing Committees, and additional research needs identified in previously completed ACRP projects. The TRB Database information about TRB Standing Committees, and a listing of previously completed ACRP projects are available on the TRB website.

Applicants are not restricted to these suggested topics as long as their proposals address the stated purpose of the Graduate Research Award Program.

Major research topic areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:

• Airport capacity and long-term planning
• Airport finance and development
• Airport safety
• Airport and system wide planning
• Alternative revenue sources for different types of airports
• Cargo capacity and integration into airport operations and intermodal planning
• Economic impacts of airport expansion
• Environmental issues, including sustainability of the aviation system
• Human resources, including all participants in the aviation system
• Multi-modal transportation linkages
• Security and operations
• Technology and its effect on airport operations

In addition, reports published by the Airport Cooperative Research Program, Taking Inventory of ACRP Research and the Next Challenges Facing the Airport Industry, and Current and Emerging Issues Facing the Airport Industry, explore the ACRP’s processes, guidance, and research results. These reports also examine ACRP’s outreach to the airport industry and outline areas of interest that might suggest possible topics for research papers.

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