Application Instructions




Application Instructions

Please Read Carefully

Information on how to access the application and upload required documents will be available at this site in early February 2024.

In preparation for completing the application package, applicants are encouraged to develop their research proposal, secure a research advisor, and obtain official copies of transcripts.

To be considered for the award, applications must be submitted electronically by May 2024.  This application consists of six principal parts:

(1) Applicant Information

(2) Applicant Qualifications

( 3) Research Project Proposal

(4) References (Note:  The faculty research advisor is not allowed to be listed as one of the two references)

(5) Research Advisor Contact Information

(6) Cover Page with certification by applicant and the university’s Sponsored Programs Office

The completed electronic application, which includes a PDF document of several submission requirements, must be submitted by May 15, 2024.

Note: Following submission, reference and faculty advisor commitment forms are automatically generated by the application system and sent to the selected individuals.  They must be returned by May 29, 2024 to complete the application.