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About the ACRP

The ACRP (Airport Cooperative Research Program) Graduate Research Award (GRA) is intended to stimulate thought, discussion, and research by those who may become the future airport managers, operators, designers, and policymakers in aviation. The focus of this graduate student research program is on applied research on airport and related aviation system issues to help the public sector continue to improve the quality, reliability, safety, and security of the U.S. civil aviation system well into the foreseeable future.

Airports are vital national resources. They serve key roles in the transportation of people and goods and in regional, national, and international commerce. They are where the nation’s aviation system connects with other modes of transportation and where federal responsibility for managing and regulating air traffic operations intersects with the role of state and local governments that own and operate most airports. Research is necessary to solve common operating problems, to adapt appropriate new technologies from other industries, and to introduce innovations into the airport industry.

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The ACRP carries out applied research on problems that are shared by airport operating agencies and are not being adequately addressed by existing federal research programs. The need for ACRP was identified in TRB Special Report 272: Airport Research Needs: Cooperative Solutions (March 2003), based on a study sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The ACRP undertakes research and other technical activities in a variety of airport subject areas, including design, construction, maintenance, operations, safety, security, policy, planning, human resources, and administration.

The Graduate Research Award offers a stipend as well as the opportunity for the student’s final research paper to be published in the Transportation Research Record and to present their work at the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting. In addition to the faculty research advisor at the students’ institutions, students benefit from expert advisors assigned by the ACRP to mentor the student during the research process. The ACRP GRA Program is sponsored by the FAA through the ACRP and managed by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium. 

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