1. Does a student need a faculty advisor to participate in the competition?

ANSWER: You must have a faculty advisor to participate so you will need to ask a faculty member to serve in that role for you.

2. How long can one work on their Design Challenge after they submit a “Notice of Intent”? Why are there two deadline dates for the Notice to be received?

ANSWER: You can work on your design challenge for the entire length of the competition (fall and spring) until the final due date. As we noted in the guidelines, we want to have the Notice of Intent, though optional, in the semester you begin your work so we can be of assistance in helping you link to an Airport Operator (if needed) and also to expert assistance.

3. I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree on my own time and schedule. Must I be a full time student?

ANSWER: You do not have to be a full time graduate student but do need to be an active graduate student in good standing at the university.

4. Can an individual student submit two proposals in two design categories?

ANSWER: Yes, an individual student may submit two proposals in two design categories.

5. I am senior in high school. Can I enter the Competition?

ANSWER: The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students at US colleges and universities. Would it be possible for you to pair up with a university team and let them be the prime?

6. My question was regarding the section for “description of interactions with airport operators and industry experts”. We weren’t sure if you wanted us to describe our own interactions as a team researching solutions with industry experts (what it sounds like) or if you wanted us to describe how our design would benefit different industry experts.

ANSWER: Describe your interactions with airport and industry experts.

7. Are Graduate projects (which are already funded) as part of a research lab ineligible? Also, more specifically, is research already funded by FAA ineligible?

ANSWER: Students may not participate in the ACRP University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs as part of a project or activity receiving direct FAA funding.