All Technical Design Challenge Categories

All Technical Design Challenge Categories

The following documents will be of interest to participants in any or all of the Technical Design Challenges:


    • 2009-2013 Flight Plan
      Summary of FAA accomplishments in 2007; Goals, Strategies, Initiatives, and Performance Targets for 2008-2012.






    • National Runway Safety Plan
      The 2015-2017 National Runway Safety Plan (referred to herein as the “Plan”) directly supports the Administrator’s Strategic Priorities, including the initiatives to make aviation safer and smarter in the nation’s airports by moving to risk-based decision making; enabling the safe and efficient integration of the Next Generation Air Transportation System; and demonstrating global leadership in improving air traffic safety and efficiency through data-driven solutions that shape international standards.




    • FAA R&D Programs
      Information on the FAA’s basic research on topics ranging from materials to development of new products and procedures.


    • FAA Centers of Excellence
      Centers of Excellence are entities with substantive, continuous ties to the universities which advance the state of transportation knowledge within a particular area, or areas, of concentration and contribution.


  • Human Factors Research and Engineering
    Discusses the FAA Human Factors program which provides scientific and technical support for the civil aviation human factors research program and for human factors applications in acquisition, certification, regulation, and standards.