Submission deadline has passed for 2019. Please check back for 2020.
2019 Academy dates:

May 28 – June 8: Liberty University

July 7 – 20: Averett University

July 8 – 19: Liberty University

July 22 – August 2: Liberty University


Oct. 19 – Jan. 25: Applications Open
Jan. 25 – Application Closes
Week of Jan. 28 – Internal Review
Feb. 11 & 12 – Review Panel and Selection
Feb. 28 – Notification of Acceptance (students notified by email)


Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, be U.S. citizens, Virginia residents and 16 years old by the start of the Academy. They must also be able to pass an FAA flight physical exam.


Kris Kennedy, Program Coordinator

Virginia Space Grant Consortium


How To Apply

The completed application packet is due January 25, 2019 and must include:

1. Application (click here)

2. Copy of high school transcript (unofficial)

3. Essay (see detailed information below)

4. Completed Recommendation Forms submitted by your references (see detailed information below)

Essay Requirements

Please complete an essay using the following guidelines:

• 500-600 words

• Typed, 12 point standard font

• Submitted with your completed application

In your own words

1. Describe yourself to us – your academic strengths, interests, and personal characteristics.

2. What kind of extra-curricular activities or hobbies have you engaged in that are meaningful to you?

3. Tell us about any past aviation experiences and goals you have towards a career in aviation.

4. Explain why you wish to participate in a Pathways Flight Academy and how participating would impact your life.


*Note: This essay is a critical component in the selection process. It is your chance to present yourself to the selection panel. Answer all questions completely in your essay.

Your completed application packet must be mailed to VSGC at the following address:

Virginia Space Grant Consortium

Old Dominion University Peninsula Center

600 Butler Farm Road, S-2200

Hampton, VA 23666


Attention: Kris Kennedy, Program Coordinator

Recommendation Form

Download the Recommendation Form and email it to your references to complete and submit on your behalf. Recommendation forms will be emailed directly to VSGC by your references. Make sure you allow for adequate time for the form to be completed and returned to VSGC by January 25, 2019. Two references are required as described on the application form.


*Recommendation forms must be submitted to VSGC by the reference only. Recommendation forms submitted/forwarded by the student or parent will not be accepted.


The selection process will begin on January 26, 2019.


The recommendation form can be found here. 

FAA Medical Exam (Required after acceptance into the program)

If you are accepted into the program, you will need to get an FAA Medical Certificate. Students are required to pass at least a third class medical exam. It is recommended you get the first class medical certificate, if you plan to pursue a career in aviation. The cost for both medical exams is the same. Your certificate will need to be renewed after five years.


Once you receive acceptance into the Pathways Flight Academies, you can begin the process of acquiring your medical certificate through the FAA.


FAA link regarding the medical process can be found here.

• You can search for an AME (aviation medical examiner) on this website.

• Once a student finds an examiner near them, they can book an appointment and fill out the appropriate paperwork here.