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Calling STEM Master Teachers

Virginia Space Grant Consortium is currently recruiting MASTER TEACHERS for the 2014-2016 Integrative STEM for Pre-service Teachers program (inSTEP) aimed to prepare Virginia pre-service teachers’ in iSTEM. inSTEP is currently four hiring master teachers from Virginia to serve as consultants to support and mentor 30 pre-service teacher participants (with interest in teaching grades 4-8) for a two year program, beginning Spring 2014 and closing 2016. Master Teachers will earn a stipend of $5,000 in each year for their role in inSTEP, totaling $10,000.


  • Teachers must demonstrate advanced experience and understanding of pedagogy of Integrative STEM, as well as teacher professional development
  • Formal training in iSTEM (preferred) or STEM, or demonstrated advanced S,T,E,M education leadership
  • 5+ years teaching public school and in at risk settings preferred
  • 5+ years teaching elementary and/or middle levels preferred
  • Experienced in serving as a cooperative teacher or mentor
  • Experience in facilitating teacher professional development

    Master Teacher Scope of Work:

  • Support preservice mentees in their professional growth through continuous mentoring, facilitation of professional development, and guided reflection.
  • Serve as liaison among mentees and VSGC.
  • Assist in program development (and participate, where available) in a two-week residential inSTEP Summer Academy (July 6-July 17-weekend included) where master teachers are engaged with preservice teachers in engineering design, Integrative STEM education, classroom management, and help connect learning to standards-driven expectations of the classroom setting.
  • Review preservice teachers’ online professional development plan and ongoing student portfolio in a timely manner, providing specific feedback.
  • Work with the students via virtual mentoring to develop the inSTEP lessons, professional development plan, and digital portfolio.
  • Conduct site visits with each student team (2 per team) at least twice during their Junior Year and observe the implementation of iSTEM activities in the extended day setting. (2014-2015).
  • Provide feedback on lesson planning, pedagogy, and evaluation.
  • Attend and fully participate in a two-day follow-up Institute in Summer 2015. This includes, but is not limited to facilitating a discussion of best practices and lessons learned and next steps.
  • Meet virtually with their students to discuss the implementation of inSTEP activities into their senior year field experiences. (Fall 2015).
  • Report preservice experiences to VSGC in a timely way and facilitate problem solving through the various stages of iSTEM training, implementation, and outcome reporting.
  • Participate at state level STEM education conferences through formal presentations with preservice teachers to showcase successes and learning opportunities.

Application Deadline - January 15, 2014

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