About the Program

Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) developed the 2014-2016 inSTEP program for future STEM teachers. VSGC coordinates the Integrative STEM for Pre-service Teachers (inSTEP) program to prepare 30 pre-service teachers to teach integrative STEM subjects.

VSGC partners with higher education institutions partners, NASA Langley Research Center, and NASA Wallops Flight Facility.

inSTEP recruited rising juniors majoring in STEM, interested in teaching in grades 4-8, who attend an accredited higher education institutions in VA.

inSTEP merges best practices in methodologies, pedagogy, and content to prepare teachers to bring integrative STEM education into diverse classrooms.

    Project components include the following for students selected to participate:

  • $5,000 student scholarship for completion of two-year cohort
  • Two-week Summer Academy in Hampton, Virginia (July 6-19, 2014). All lodging provided.
  • Experience Teaching in Extended-Day Programs
  • Two-day Follow-up Professional Development
  • Develop an Online Portfolio
  • Develop and Implement a Plan for Online Professional Development